Dear visitor,

Welcome to Swanlok! I thank you for visiting us and putting in effort to learn more about us.

Swanlok is my bootstrapped solopreneurial venture, a world for those who care by those who care! The name is a combination of two words: swan, the beautiful birds known for their caring nature and lok, a Hindi word meaning the world.

Living with mental illnesses or helping a loved one who has them is challenging. The problems are deep rooted in our societies: stigma, lack of resources or access to them, improper education, superstitions, financial and family complications, the list goes on.

Solutions? …very limited!

As someone who is helping loved ones navigate mental health conditions, I have gone through these challenges closely. This is why I’m driven to solve the mental health crisis of our world today.

With Swanlok, we spread the learnings so that more people can benefit from each other. Together, let’s build a compassionate and caring society that is simply more aware and better prepared to support people living with mental illnesses.

Shrikirti Tiwari


Our vision is to see a world where everyone leads a meaningful life free from stigma, guilt or other barriers that prevent access to mental health care.


Our mission is to provide solace to families dealing with mental disorders by empowering them with the right knowledge, resources, and support.

Core Values

People over profit

Swanlok supports people and families dealing with a number of problems in their lives. When there are already many barriers for them to access care, money should not become an added one. Swanlok is truly altruist in this regard and always willing to make exceptions for users with genuine need.


We practice what we preach. Making reasonable accommodation for everyone we connect with, is a default. This means we strictly refrain from defining a person as their health condition. We see people as the person they are, not as the personification of their health condition.


We are science and evidence driven! In making any business decision, we consider this approach as the only way to be led in the right direction.


Mental health conditions could bring pessimism in lives but we strongly believe in the saying, as long there is life, there is hope. We spread this positivity with a pragmatic approach to address the issues at hand.

Your contribution

Do you care about the cause we work for and wonder how you could support?

One way is to show your love through funding. Swanlok is fully bootstrapped, which means our founder is using personal savings to bring these services here. Your monetary support, however small or big, could be highly instrumental in its growth, enabling it to reach to more people in need.

The other way is by collaborating with us! We’re always looking for like-minded people with genuine interest in solving the gaps in mental health space. Send us your ideas about how you’d like to collaborate and We’d be happy to discuss it in detail.