Shrikirti Tiwari

Despite not having a background in medicine, Shrikirti has pursued an online course on schizophrenia by Wesleyan University, fostering a deeper understanding of psychosis. Combining all the learnings from the course and personal life, she can help you with practical approach to address issues you may be experiencing while taking care of a loved one living with psychosis.

What to expect in a session with Shrikirti

Do you have a family member, friend, colleague or a loved one living with psychosis and you have debilitating questions around better ways to help them? Then this is the right session for you. Book a session with me and we’ll work together to explore effective and practical ways for you to care for your loved one.

About me
Lived experience of being a family caregiver

As a family member of someone living with psychosis, I have experienced its impact very closely. I have been taking care of my family with mental health issues for more than half a decade now. This enables me to have a first hand understanding of what you are going through and be able to better empathise with you.

Pragmatic approach

I can help you learn how to ensure that your decisions are not clouded by emotions alone, but are taken with a pragmatic approach while still giving emotions their due importance.

Fair understanding of psychosis

Completing a course on schizophrenia gave me a lot of medical understanding on this topic. This doesn’t mean that I am a substitute of a mental health expert. Instead, it solidified the value of mental health professionals in our lives and I keep emphasising on seeking their help to people I feel might benefit from it. It also enabled me with better understanding of generic questions you may have that can be answered without a medical background.

A deep and genuine interest in helping others

There were times when I used to spend days and nights looking for solutions all over the internet, to no avail- searching for what to do or not to do when a loved one is diagnosed with psychosis and behaves in manners that were totally unbearable/unacceptable for me. Over the past few years, I have made many learnings and feel the need to help others in a similar situation. This brings a deep interest in me to help you in your situation! I promise to be non-judgmental, confidential and helpful to the best of my capacity.

What you would gain from the session:
  • A non-judgemental and confidential space to share your concerns
  • Guidance on generic DOs and DON’Ts when taking care of a loved one with psychosis
  • Clarity on psychosis and the most helpful approach to address daily-life practical issues you are facing while caring for a loved one
  • Answers to your questions that do not require medical expertise but are still highly useful and empower you with better understanding of psychosis in general, so that you are better equipped in helping out your loved one
  • Note: This is not a psychotherapy or medical session. It’s a generic educational session from a fellow family caregiver just as yourself!

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