Introducing the Care Guide

While we’re preparing the program, we’re opening up a waitlist for early users. Join now to get the earliest access.

Common questions

Who should enrol in this program?

If you are a family member, friend, colleague, neighbour or simply someone taking care of a loved one living with mental disorders, you are welcome to enrol!

Is this program a psychotherapy session?

No. This program is not intended to treat a mental disorder. It is aimed to equip care providers such as family members with the knowledge and resources to navigate through the tough situations you may be experiencing.

Would any psychiatrists or psychologists be providing medical consultation during the program?

No. We are specifically focused on guiding the care providers such as family members. We do not provide medical consultation to the person with mental disorder. At best, we might be able to guide you on how/where to find these experts depending upon your location and needs.

What is the fee?

We are just starting and running the first version of the program. As our first batch, you will enrol completely free of charge. When you feel benefitted from the program, we’ll be grateful to receive funding from you as per your choice and capacity. However, you are under no obligation to do so.

I am more comfortable in Hindi, could the program be conducted in Hindi?

Absolutely! The program can be conducted in English or Hindi. For now, we are limited to only these two languages.

Is the program specific to a country?

Not really. Our limitations are mostly on the language. Most of these challenges that families face are common globally. As long as you can converse in English or Hindi, the program could be helpful to you. When you have questions that can only be answered in a country specific context, we’ll let you know and encourage you to find solutions accordingly.

Is the program conducted online or offline?

All the sessions will be conducted online via secure meeting tools such as end-to-end encrypted video calls over Jitsi. You wouldn’t need to install any new app on your device for these meetings, your device’s default browser and inbuilt working camera and microphone should be enough.

Will there be other families on the same program with me?

No. The program is highly personalised and we respect your privacy. Each family has different needs and situations, hence it makes sense to keep the program personalised to you.

Would there be online meetings where I could interact with other families in similar situation?

We have a thriving community of families in similar situations. If you’d like to interact with them, we’d be happy to add you as a member on our WhatsApp channel. Depending on community members’ needs, we are open to conduct community wide online meetings once in a while. This is available to all members irrespective of their enrolment to the guided program.